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The Esports Opportunity

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How to Esports - Part 2

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The growth of Esports is staggering — it’s likely to rival the likes of the NFL by the end of this decade. And it’s ripe with opportunity for ProAV integrators, particularly on university campuses, who have also taken notice of another potential revenue sport. In this session you’ll learn how to set up the three types of Esports venues: room-based venues, lecture halls and dedicated arenas. It’s packed with insights such as how to distribute the signal feeds, who the players are and the biggest technology challenges to reaching the unique Esports audiences.


Subject Matter Expert Insights

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Part 1: Almo
An Intro to Esports for AV

Esports is a growing market and with that comes opportunity for the ProAV market. Understand just where integrators fit into the mix and what technologies create successful esports applications.

Part 2: LG 
Esports in Higher Education

Esports aren’t just another sport – they can mean big money, so bringing in arenas and practice facilities are high priority for universities, creating a tremendous opportunity for integrators.

Part 3: Harman 
Engineering the Experience

There’s a lot to take into consideration when designing the AV for an esports arena – the audience, the players, the people watching from home. Learn how to create exceptional esports experiences.

Part 4: Barco
Using Video Walls in Esports

Esports applications use multiple types of display technology, including dvLED and LCD video walls. Barco’s Todd Fender discusses when and how to use video walls in esport applications. 

Bonus Video Content

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Premier Mounts
Understanding the eSports Technology Opportunity

Demand for eSports technology solutions is on the rise among universities and more, explains Premier Mounts.


The performance and dependability of traditional AV distribution, plus the scalability and cost efficiency of integrating over data networks

Scroll through the most common challenges in Esports

See solutions to these challenges from top audio-visual brands – all available from Almo.

Unbalanced Competitive Environment

GPU sync for smooth playback on gaming monitors with fast response times and high refresh rates give players a level playing field and a high degree of control over their games.

  • LG UltraGear Monitors & Large Format Signage

    See your way to victory with the innovative UltraGear gaming monitor, providing the most crisp visuals and the sharpest clarity.

  • Samsung 49-Inch CHG90 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

    The Samsung 49-Inch Gaming Monitor is designed for gaming development, video creation and editing, and any business application with fast moving content

Poor Latency for Audience

The time delay between the actual game being played and the on-screen action will affect the fan experience. Minimizing the latency is key to maximizing the real-time playback and enjoyment for eSports fans.

  • Uncompressed 4K over IP ZyPer4K (SDVoE) Encoders and Decoders

    When picture quality and latency matter there is no alternative to the ZyPer4K encoder and decoder product line.

  • OmniStream AV over IP

    OmniStream delivers uncompromised picture quality and just half a frame of encode-decode latency, the lowest for any AV over Gigabit Ethernet platform.

  • Almo Business Communications

    Add business communications to your portfolio of products and services and you could realize an incremental monthly revenue stream.

  • Harman’s Network Video System

    Distributing the video signal out to the local audience with great clarity and low latency is critical in Esports

Lag Creates Unbalanced Competitive Environments

Players’ onscreen experience must be the same to be fair. An infinitesimal lag could create notable advantages for any rival. High bandwidth and managed network switches ensure players and organizers interact with the eSports platform in realtime without lag.

  • Netgear M4300 Series of 10Gig Switches

    Delivers one of the most important parts of AV over IP – the network infrastructure to run demanding uncompressed Video over Ethernet applications, perfect for eSports.

  • Luxul AMS-1208P

    The Luxul AV-Series 12-Port/8 PoE+ Gigabit Managed Switch features rear panel ports and front facing LEDs for clean integration with AV rack systems

  • Almo Business Communications

    Add business communications to your portfolio of products and services and you could realize an incremental monthly revenue stream.

Poor Image Quality

Professional large format displays and/or projectors allow large audiences to enjoy live eSports events without eye strain and viewer fatigue.

  • LG130″ All-in-one LED Screen

    The LG130″ All-in-one LED Screen features a 130-inch large screen with no bezel. Superb picture powered by HDR and immersive Surface Sound makes for more productive meetings.

  • Barco UniSee

    Barco UniSee offers best-in-class scaling, with 12 bits per color and full 36-bit color processing. Plus a barely noticeable inter-tile gap, and real-time calibration.

  • Da-Lite Series 300 Lace and Grommet Frame

    Engaging a crowd is easy with the Series 300 Lace & Grommet Frame. Available up to 90′ wide for front projection and 40′ wide for rear projection.

  • Panasonic AWUE100W/K

    AWUE100W/K First 4k 60p/50p PTZ Camera supporting NDI & SRT in the world. Supports a wide variety of IP transmission protocols, including NDI, NDI|HX, and SRT

Engage Attendees Outside of Arena

The ability to encode video to CDN standards and transmit to outside CDN provides viewers real time access to their favorite eSports and organizers realtime control of streamed content.

  • Vaddio AV Bridge Mini

    Ideal for lecture capture, conference rooms and video conferencing applications, the AV Bridge Mini encodes, captures and streams content.

  • Almo Business Communications

    Add business communications to your portfolio of products and services and you could realize an incremental monthly revenue stream.

  • SVSI Stand-alone H.264 Encoder and the SVSI NMX-NVR-N6123 NVR

    Getting the program to the audience is a big challenge in eSports. The broadcast medium of choice is the internet.

Manage Multiple Inputs

Multiple players on individual gaming stations during an event must be managed, and broadcasted to highlight the competition in real-time. Signal distribution and increased processing speed is critical to ensuring the live action experience.

  • Barco E2 Gen 2

    With up to 40 inputs and 18 outputs, the Barco EventMaster E2 provides full screen control and enables impressive pixel processing power with increased processing speed.

  • Vaddio AV Bridge MatrixMIX Production System

    Simplify installations by viewing all your Vaddio products across a deployment on one screen with the simple click of a button.

  • Almo Control Systems & DSP Programming

    Our team of programmers are experienced, highly trained and follow a well-vetted scope of work created with your assistance and input from your customer.

Enhance Lighting and Staging

Making a statement with lighting and staging sends a message to the gamers and the audience: This is the big leagues. Consistent and dependable equipment is essential to delivering a truly professional and exciting event.


    Harman lighting allows you to make a statement on stage or on the exterior of the complex.