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Direct-View LED Essentials

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Direct-view LED is one of the hottest display types on the market right now. But since LED displays are modular, integrators have to spec the displays themselves and that can be tricky. Where do you start? In this session, Almo ProAV dvLED expert Adam Coleman will walk viewers through the process of designing a dvLED display, including choosing the right products and calculating the correct specs.

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Subject Matter Expert Insights

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Part 1: Peerless-AV
Intersections with dvLED

There are more business opportunities for integrators with the advent of direct view LED technology. Find out what factors will contribute to the increased adoption of dvLED in the near future.

Part 2: Absen
Direct View LED’s Flexibility
The ability to be indoor, outdoor or modular are just some of the aspects of dvLED that make it flexible. Learn how to design a unique AV experience using this versatile display technology.

Part 3: NEC
The Building Blocks of dvLED
Find out how the modularity of dvLED can be used to create exceptional experiences, as well as what verticals can best utilize the power of the display technology from NEC’s Michael Ferrer.

Part 4: Samsung
It’s All About Those Dots
Direct view LED could possibly create greater demand than LCD or projection ever did. Samsung’s Joseph Viola discusses surface mount displays, microLED and the future market potential for dvLED.

Bonus Video Content

These videos may not offer CTS RUs, but they will provide invaluable additional insights.

Redesigning Spaces with LG LED

Customizable commercial displays by LG are reliably informative, always entertaining, and harmoniously designed.

Custom Resolutions
Mixed input resolutions, screen orientations, and customizable output resolutions all controlled by one flexible video processor.

Scroll through the most common challenges in dvLED

See solutions to these challenges from top audio-visual brands – all available from Almo.

Confusing Bill of Materials

It is important to receive the right equipment, including spares for a project’s large-format display needs. A BOM can get confusing if it doesn’t provide a list of parts, power or data requirements, or easy to understand instructions.

  • Absen’s Almo Quotes

    Where most dvLED quotes include the parts alone, leaving a mystery as to what they build, Almo’s quotes for Absen are all inclusive, highly visual, and easy to understand

  • Regular communication with NEC will provide a complete list of deliverables

    NEC has a solid team of individuals that can provide a list of parts, drawings and email or phone support to review the entire solution at any stage in the buying process.

  • The demystified BOM

    Samsung provides a comprehensive Bill of Materials and Special Price Agreement per display, making it easy to identify the correct displays to quote per area or option.

Multiple Live Sources

A large conference room display may require multiple sources to be displayed simultaneously and in multiple areas on the wall. You can maximize participant interaction using a multi-window processor.

  • TVOne Coriomaster

    CORIOmaster connects to a wide range of sources and displays to allow you to build dynamic video walls with an easy-to-use visual interface.

  • NMX-ENC-N2412A distributes 4K60 4:4:4 over Gigabit Ethernet networks

    Utilizing JPEG2000 encoding, the N2412A and N2422A encoders and decoder (N2400 Series) deliver cinema quality video with just two frames of latency.

Can’t Block Natural Light

Each element of the retail experience plays a role in capturing customers’ attention – window displays & graphics are key. Bring an immersive experience to shoppers by using valuable storefront real estate without blocking a window’s natural light.

  • LG LAT140

    The LG LAT140 53% transparent product allows glass to remain visible even after attaching the film, with no adverse effects on the original design.

  • Almo Content Services

    Our content creation services bring you and your clients an award-winning team of high caliber designers who understand the requirements of design for digital signage.

Curved Wall

When a dvLED needs to go around the outside of a curve, such as a column, the width, depth and rigidity of the cabinets makes such a display difficult. To create a seamless presentation, you need flexible tiles and tight facets.

  • LG LAPE Series

    With specially designed flexible LED Display Modules (LDM), the LAPE series supports true concave and convex curvature up to 1,000R. Pitches from 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm.

  • Peerless-AV® SmartMount® dvLED Video Wall Mounting Systems

    Peerless-AV‘s dedicated dvLED engineering team can solve the most complex design challenges to create an ideal solution for any unique application.

  • Absen N+ Portrait solution

    Absen’s N Plus line provides much tighter facets than most dvLED solutions to give a curve a smooth appearance.

Mission Critical Environment

When every second counts, a mission-critical environment needs a high-performing visual system in realtime. Sites such as traffic control, security agencies, and emergency services must be resilient and operational 24/7 with absolutely no downtime.

  • Absen(NovaStar) (live-fallback redundancy)

    When a display absolutely MUST be reliable, NovaStar (Absen’s controller partner), has the solution. Backup creates data redundancy to protect against interruptions.

  • Monitor, Troubleshoot and Resolve issues that arise in your AV systems

    DGnet Watchdog is an enterprise IoT Monitoring Platform that oversees the health of your equipment and integrated systems from a single interface.

  • NEC’s FA Series dvLED has built-in data and power redundancy

    The FA Series indoor dvLED is designed with data and power redundancy for mission critical applications, ensuring 24/7 availability.

  • Mission Critical Environment

    Micro LED is an ideal choice for any Mission Critical Environment. Although if budgets are tight, the SMD offering by Samsung might be a better choice.

Visible Seams

As dvLEDs gets tighter in pitch, the sensitivity to z-axis planarity becomes more apparent. To limit viewer distraction, panel placement should eliminate gaps and overcome wall irregularities.

  • Peerless-AV® 1:1 dvLED Video Wall Mounting Solution

    Peerless-AV offers a new 1:1 dvLED mounting solution with z axis adjustment to overcome wall irregularities and create a flat plane for the display.

  • Chief TiLED Direct View LED Video Wall Mounting System

    The TiLED Series is a modular, LED mounting system designed to support creative video wall configurations.

  • Premier

    The Convergent is our newest line of narrow pixel pitch, direct view LED mounts. This mount makes installation of LEDs safer, faster and more cost efficient.

Untrained Install Technicians

Understanding dvLED can be a challenge considering the intricate workings of everything from the modules to the cabinet to the controller and system diagrams. It takes experience and training to get these direct-view LED displays working.

  • NEC can provide multiple options available for installation support

    NEC offers a complete certification program that will allow technicians to install a NEC dvLED wall along with other solid options should certification not be practicable.

  • Peerless-AV® Training and Onsite Support

    Peerless-AV’s SEAMLESS LED Video Wall Integration Program offers start to finish project support and assistance with installation services.

  • Absen Assisted Installation

    If your technicians lack the training and certification to install dvLED, Absen can help. A factory-trained engineer can guide and train your techs on the entire process.

  • To install or not to install, that is the question

    Samsung offers both Consulting and Installation Services to support dvLED projects and opportunities.

Shrinking Budgets

Direct-view LED was once a very expensive display, requiring special content and engineers to get running. Now, dvLED displays are becoming the dominate digital display technology since they are light-weight, easily configured/serviced and can run 24/7 without emitting enough heat to require costly HVAC.

  • Absen and Ascentium Finance (finance setup)

    If the upfront cost of a dvLED display is outside your customer’s budget, there may be options through Absen’s partnership with Ascentium Capital.

  • Almo Finance

    Stretching every budgeted dollar is a must in today’s business environment. Take advantage of financing your technology with Almo.

  • Samsung IER Series

    The NEW Samsung IER Series is a cost-effective solution that offers commercial reliability and delivers a high quality, eye-catching, large-scale viewing experience.

Odd Resolutions

Many dvLED projects include odd, unsupported resolutions. Using products that output standard resolutions may cause the images to become pinched or stretched, and detract from the overall appeal of the on-screen content.

  • Brightsign

    BrightSign offers various output resolutions, as well as the ability to create custom zones that match pixel to pixel with the dvLED display.

  • Custom Resolutions with CORIOmaster

    If your dvLED wall has an unusual aspect ratio or pixel count, the CORIOmaster product line can make your life a lot easier. Matching native resolutions keeps images sharp.

  • Almo Content Services

    Our content creation services bring you and your clients an award-winning team of high caliber designers who understand the requirements of design for digital signage.

Exposed Display Edges

For dvLED in a public space, exposed edges should be covered, for security and a finished appearance. Rather than hiring a company to customize a high-cost cabinet, easy-to-install Trim Kits are available to provide protection and a polished look.

  • Peerless-AV® dvLED Video Wall Trim Kits

    Peerless-AV offers dvLED Video Wall Trim Kits that provide needed protection and a finished look to your video wall installation.

  • Premier Mounts Custom Solutions Group

    Attaching directly into pre-drilled slots, trim kits can easily be applied to the Convergent series of LED mounts by Premier Mounts.