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Join us for a can’t miss, totally new and engaging keynote with Gary Kayye featuring HoloPresence technology from AHRT Media, sessions from expert presenters, an NSCA roundtable, show floor tours with Tim Albright and Megan A. Dutta and more!

Keynote | Presented by Epson

The Future of Workspaces Is All About Experiences

Speakers: Gary Kayye, Scott A. McPhail

Whether we liked our office before the pandemic or not, it’s clear that workspaces will be different when life returns to “normal” after the pandemic. We have a generation of workers who took the “work from anywhere” mantra literally and loved working from home, hotels, or Airbnbs; another generation of people who are nervous about returning to the office; and there’s a team of others who need to be surrounded by work to, well, work. 

Then, there’s the #AVtweeps, who are charged with formulating plans to bring everyone back. And the approach isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. But one trend is emerging as the overriding winning formula to bring everyone together again, and it involves a combination of tech sprinkled with some design thinking.

So, what’s the solution? In his 12th annual opening keynote at the E4 Experience, rAVe’s own Gary Kayye won’t just tell you about it. He’ll demonstrate it LIVE. It will be the industry’s first-ever truly hybrid keynote and it’ll include a special, live appearance from Paramount Pictures’ global creative operations executive, Scott A. McPhail. And, this promises to be a keynote you’ll never forget, so make sure your iPhones are fully charged as you’ll be shooting video of this and posting it all over social media!

The future of workspaces is in the hands of AV, UCC and digital signage systems sales and design engineers. You! 

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1.5 CTS, CTS-D RUs

The HoloPresence Tour | Post-Keynote Exclusive

A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of AHRT Media’s Holographic Technology

Immediately following the E4 keynote, Gary Kayye will take you on an exclusive tour of how it all worked. Using proprietary holopresence technology, chromakey and standard projection equipment, AHRT Media delivers a turn-key solution to beam presenters into one or multiple venues at the same time from anywhere to anywhere in the world via the internet.

It allows presenters to be anywhere without going anywhere – in life-sized proportions with the ability to both see and interact with the audience, live. Join us to see how it works and in-depth look at the technology and product involved.

Session 1 | The Power of Place

The New Next Workplace

Speakers: Rachel Rouse, Kay Sargent

COVID-19 not only changed the way we work, it also changed how we interact with people and physical objects. As we return to the workplace, we will have to rethink not only the way we engage with the space but also how we interact with each other. A new social dynamic will be created with potential for unease, increased anxiety and conflict. Add that to the fact that we are living in a world where we are constantly connected, and the inflow of information seems never-ending; the inability to disconnect is causing a dramatic increase in stress levels among today’s workers.

We are living in a time in which exponential change is being driven by advances and rapid development of new, autonomous technology. Hence, we are seeing the parallel rise of the machine age and the rise of the human factor. These two streams were already converging in the workplace and changing not only the tools we use but also when, where and how we work. Going forward, we need to create environments that can help accommodate all and address both the physical and social challenges we are now faced with.

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Session 2 | NSCA Round Table

Elephants in the Room: Integrators’ Biggest Challenges & Opportunities

Speakers: Tom LeBlanc, Dawna Payne, John Riley, Scott Adeylotte

There is no blueprint for how to run an integration company in today’s climate. Integrators face enormous pandemic and post-pandemic related challenges. Meanwhile, the value that integrators bring their customers has never been higher. In this special session at Almo’s Dallas E4 Experience, join a discussion of the big elephants in the room. For example, everybody in the integration industry is talking about frustration related to supply chain. Let’s talk about it.

So many integrators are thrilled to be working their way out of the pandemic only to find that they can’t recruit and hire talent to help them tackle new projects. Let’s vent about it. We’ve all collectively come to the realization that what customers wanted pre-pandemic differs from what they need from their integrator partners now. Let’s embrace it. Yes, there are challenges – but there are so many opportunities.

On the E4 Experience stage NSCA Executive Director Tom LeBlanc leads a no-holds-barred discussion with Texadia Systems Executive Vice President Dawna Payne, Almo ProAV SVP of Channel Sales John Riley, and Sharp Business USA Director of Channel Sales Scott Adeylotte on the biggest topics facing integrators right now.

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Session 3 | Let’s Get Down to Business

Post Pandemic AV Business Strategies

Speaker: Tom Stimson

Since 2006, Tom Stimson, owner of The Stimson Group, has worked with over 200 AV companies and organizations on business strategy, process, marketing, and sales. Now more than ever, Tom brings his years of experience coupled with what his clients have learned during the pandemic to provide timely and thought-provoking advice for AV companies including:

  • What about outsourcing for services such as labor or programming?
  • – What’s the government got to do with it? CARES act money, infrastructure and AV
  • – Working through the peaks and valleys of the AV business

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